God’s Winning Hand is a Full House

Engage your world - Part 3

Winning hand: If you play cards, you know that having a full house – or three of a kind plus a pair – means that your whole hand is good, giving you an advantage in the game. Every card is used to win, with none discarded. Like the card hand, a full house in God’s […]

Engage Your World — Share Your Experiences

Engage Your World - Part 2

As followers of Jesus, we’re called not only to draw nearer to God but to draw nearer to those around us. By engaging others with the love of Jesus, we’re helping them see the advantages of being in a relationship with Him. But engaging others isn’t always easy…in fact, we often avoid talking to others […]

3 Ways You Can Prepare to Share Jesus’ Good News

Engage Your World - Part 2

Sharing our faith with others can be difficult, especially if we’ve had past negative experiences.  In my last talk at Alive Church, I spoke about how we can effectively stare our story with others, despite these negative experiences. Being ready to tell our story lies in being prepared, and there are three things we can do […]