Why Did Jesus Live on Earth?

The Case For Christ - Part 1

Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, though based on historical fact, is a controversial matter. His resurrection is such a phenomenal event that it may be difficult to grasp or believe – whether you’re a devoted follower of Jesus or otherwise. This is why many people jump to the conclusion that Jesus simply didn’t exist or […]

Jesus Paid It All

As we approach Easter, we are coming nearer to the day we celebrate God’s triumph over death and sin with Jesus’ resurrection. Before we celebrate the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead, it’s important on this Good Friday to reflect on the path Jesus had to take to get there.  Even though He is […]

Right In His Sight By Faith, Not Works

The Sound of Grace - Part 4

As I wrapped up the series The Sound of Grace, with The Sound of Agony, I spoke of how Jesus’ death on the cross represents God’s fairness and righteousness by “declar[ing] sinners to be right in His sight when they believe in Jesus” (see Romans 3:25-26). We can be thankful for all God has given us […]