Self-Control: No One Can Eat Just One

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You may know the saying from Lay’s potato chips commercials: “Betcha can’t eat just one”. The key truth that the Lay’s people know is that it takes more self-control to stop a habit once you start a habit. And, the longer you live with the habit, the harder it is to get rid of the […]

Daily Reading: Self-Control

Daily Reading: Self-Control With the fruit of the Holy Spirit in me, I live in the strength of self-control. While much of the world is focused on self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction and self-awareness, God is working in me to produce self-control. Self-control is a character trait of Jesus. As His follower, I am growing to be more […]

Personal Reflection Produces A Powerhouse Of Benefits

The discipline of personal reflection is the secret to clarifying your personal values. Understanding and living your values is a must if you are going to fulfill and live your potential. Regardless of your chosen career: artist, author, leader, business entrepreneurial or a stay at home parent, you want to be the best you can […]