Our Life’s Mission Isn’t About Us

This weekend, my wife Kathy and I returned to Alive Church from a seven-week sabbatical, and we are thrilled to be back in Tucson! While we were grateful to have this time to recharge our batteries, we missed our community at Alive and in Tucson, and I was excited to begin our new series at […]

Elevate Those Around You For Success

When you elevate those around you, you will discover you naturally build great relationships. To truly live life as a success, or as I say in my book Life Palette, a masterpiece, focus on elevating everyone at all times. It is easy to tear others down, it does not take a great person to belittle […]

I Am God’s Masterpiece

I Am God’s Masterpiece I am God’s masterpiece. Not because of anything I do or say, but because God created me as His masterpiece. This is nothing I have done. It is the power of God as my Creator. Nothing can change the fact that I am created by God as His masterpiece. Nothing I […]