Financial Freedom = Financial Peace

Life Hacks - Part 2

In our culture and even as followers of Jesus, we have misconceptions about money. We think that money is a means to happiness. We think that the more we have, the less stressed we’ll be. We think that to be blessed is to have lots of money. But God’s blessing isn’t reserved only for the […]

Know When to Say No

Life Hacks - Part 1

What we choose as our priorities and how we spend our time each day speaks volumes about who we are. We are often proud of our work, our families, and our communities, who all get a share of our time. And one thing we can say about most people living now is that we are […]

What are Your Priorities?

Life Hacks - Part 1

Within each day, God gives us 24 hours to spend as we choose. Most of these hours, however, are spent fulfilling basic responsibilities. We have to work, we have to sleep, we have to eat, we might have to take care of others…but what else takes priority in your day? Knowing our priorities is key […]