Daily Reading: Self-Control

Daily Reading: Self-Control With the fruit of the Holy Spirit in me, I live in the strength of self-control. While much of the world is focused on self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction and self-awareness, God is working in me to produce self-control. Self-control is a character trait of Jesus. As His follower, I am growing to be more […]

Personal Reflection Produces A Powerhouse Of Benefits

The discipline of personal reflection is the secret to clarifying your personal values. Understanding and living your values is a must if you are going to fulfill and live your potential. Regardless of your chosen career: artist, author, leader, business entrepreneurial or a stay at home parent, you want to be the best you can […]

Don’t Discourage Instead Encourage

People skills are one of the most valuable assets for your Life Palette. Your people skills, when developed, will pave the way for you to live as the masterpiece God created you to be. Undeveloped, they will hinder you.  Here is one way from chapter 6 of my book Life Palette to develop your people […]