Branding Your Success: It’s A Personal Thing

]In order for success to be true success, it must be a personal thing. While failure can be easily defined, (an inability to reach one’s goals), success cannot be so simply defined. There can be as many definitions for success as there are human beings, for we are each created uniquely as an individual masterpiece […]

How To Have More Focus, Creativity And Peace

As the title suggests focus, creativity, and peace, is found in doing one thing. It may shock and surprise you. It’s something you did when you were a kid, but somewhere along the line it felt a little too childish and most adults give it up. I want to suggest for the sake of your […]

Living Intuitively As A Masterpiece

I’ll never forget when I first learned to drive. Before I turned 16, I bought a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle with a standard four-speed transmission; it had a stick shift. It stayed parked in front of our family home until I got my driver’s license. It wasn’t much of a car: it had five different colors […]