Grow: The One Choice That Leads To Success

Grow to your potential the key to your success journey

This one daily choice will lead you on the success journey; grow! In order to reach your potential daily growth must be a habit. This reading is designed to get you catapulted on that journey. Choose To Grow I chose to grow today. As I begin today, I recognize it is a new day with […]

Being Productive Versus Being Busy

Most of us have a desire to be more productive. However, a desire alone will not make you more productive. For most people, the desire to be more productive only leads to busyness. In addition, busyness just makes us tired and worn out. The desire to realize the potential planted deep within, to reach goals […]

Do You Recognize Your Potential?

Do you recognize the potential within you? Do you see it and understand it? Do you live your life reflecting what others often do to you? Simply passing you by not seeing your God-given potential. You are someone born by accident, without purpose. The wealth of potential in you is greater than you or anyone […]