3 Ways You Can Prepare to Share Jesus’ Good News

Engage Your World - Part 2

Sharing our faith with others can be difficult, especially if we’ve had past negative experiences.  In my last talk at Alive Church, I spoke about how we can effectively stare our story with others, despite these negative experiences. Being ready to tell our story lies in being prepared, and there are three things we can do […]

Your Actions Take Precedence Over Your Words

Life Hacks - Part 3

Have you ever heard the phrase “do as I say, not as I do”? It’s easy to think of this as a humorous take on parenting. Maybe we tell our kids to “limit the screen time” while we stay glued to our phones watching the latest viral video. Or perhaps we tell them “no dessert” […]

What are Your Priorities?

Life Hacks - Part 1

Within each day, God gives us 24 hours to spend as we choose. Most of these hours, however, are spent fulfilling basic responsibilities. We have to work, we have to sleep, we have to eat, we might have to take care of others…but what else takes priority in your day? Knowing our priorities is key […]