Finding Your Sweet Spot

The Sound of Grace - Part 3

As we come to the end of the week, I hope you have thought about ways that you can serve God. If you’re like me, maybe you realize it all comes down to one lingering question: “Where do I start?” The good news about serving is that you don’t have to have a solid plan […]

Serve Like Christ

The Sound of Grace - Part 3

Throughout the gospels, Jesus gives us several examples of how He served others around him. He healed the sick, raised the dead, fed thousands, calmed stormy waters and cast out demons, just to name a few. His ministry shows God’s power and triumph over sickness, sin, death and even Hell itself. We can be thankful […]

Grace Would Rather Party Than Punish

The Sound Of Grace - Part 2

In our culture, we’re often led to believe that if we try hard enough, we can achieve anything. We think we can earn our way to prestige, success or recognition. It’s true, many times our efforts do lead to job promotions, awards, educational degrees or even just a pat on the back. But should we […]