Avoid Avoidance

Unstuck - Part 3

Are you a procrastinator? I fully admit that I am. Putting things off is in my nature, and often, it gets me into trouble. Years ago, I was invited to a fishing trip to Canada with several friends. I was excited to be a part of it, so I made all the preparations. I got […]

How to Live Like No One Else

Unstuck - Part 2

Dave Ramsey, creator of Financial Peace University, often says during his classes that we can obtain financial freedom by “living like no one else so later you can live like no one else.” This means putting our finances out of our hands and into our Father’s, who will provide everything we need (see Matthew 6:33). […]

Change Your Life by Changing Your Priorities

Unstuck - Part 1

Whenever I think of priorities, I think of a third grader named Sarah. Sarah is a bright child and stays involved in extracurricular activities to help build her knowledge and skills. Her parents are very busy with their work schedules and want what is best for their daughter, so they ensure she participates in activities […]