3 Ways to Make the Impossible Possible

At The Movies - Part 1

At Alive Church, we recently launched our At The Movies series by watching Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and the clips we showed featured some of Ethan Hunt’s most challenging moments. Replacing a computer chip deep underwater, driving from a band of bad guys in motorcycles and hanging off the side of an airplane were some […]

In Christ, Nothing is Impossible

At The Movies - Part 1

  If you’ve ever seen the Mission: Impossible movie series, you know that the title of this series really captures the types of challenges the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) confronts. From intense undercover missions to dangerous car chases to life-threatening feats, the IMF spies face situations that seem improbable, insurmountable, inconceivable and overall…impossible. Now we know […]

Go Quickly and Urge Anyone

Engage Your World - Part 3

My wife Kathy and I frequently travel to the coast of Oregon to visit her family. Unlike Tucson, where we have sunshine from morning till dusk, I noticed that in the Northwest, mornings are usually foggy. But I’ve also noticed that as the morning progresses, the sun starts to shine through the fog. Eventually, the […]