A Life Of Potential Or Mediocrity – It’s A choice!

Life is designed to be a process of growing and developing. Therefore, it is to be lived as a journey of discovery, adventure, exploration, and never-ending growth. The end result of a life lived in such a way is success. This is truly the path toward living in and releasing your full potential. Anything less […]

3 Keys To Unlock Your Potential

Do you know what makes a masterpiece so valuable? There are two things. This first is the artist. The painter, sculptor, or the architect is key. It is especially valuable if there is a clear connection to the masterpiece, like a signature. The second element that makes a masterpiece valuable is simply what someone is […]

How To Live In Personal Satisfaction

Living your life as the unique masterpiece God created you to be is the key to living a life of personal satisfaction. When you have discovered and are living the life you were created to live, you will be living what Jesus called “a rich and satisfying life”. (John 10:10 NLT) God has tailored a […]