Get Free of the Debt Trap

Unstuck - Part 2

In our culture, debt—and its hardships—have become a part of life for most adults. School loans, credit card debt, outrageous mortgages, outstanding healthcare bills – these are all things that can prevent us from the joy and peace God has for us. In Proverbs 22:7, Solomon wrote that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” […]

Too Much on Your Schedule? Think Before You Change it.

Unstuck - Part 1

In our culture, having a full schedule is simply a way of life. With social media and advanced technology, it’s easy for us to be connected and in tune with everything happening around us. And we can often feel like we need to participate in every opportunity and activity that comes our way. But God […]

Change Your Life by Changing Your Priorities

Unstuck - Part 1

Whenever I think of priorities, I think of a third grader named Sarah. Sarah is a bright child and stays involved in extracurricular activities to help build her knowledge and skills. Her parents are very busy with their work schedules and want what is best for their daughter, so they ensure she participates in activities […]