How I Changed My Dog’s Dysfunctional System

God is a God of organization. It doesn’t take much research to see and understand this truth. Just look at our solar system. God is a God of systems. Without a good system in any area of our lives, we agonize. Notice I said good system because we do everything by systems, both good and […]

How To Reduce Risk And Make Wise Decisions

Every day your choices make or break your life. At birth, all of your choices were out of your control. But as you started aging, you started making decisions. And you become accountable for those decisions. There is a direct relationship between every choice you make and the effect they have on who you are […]

The Art Of Developing Your Character

It is so important to develop your character so that you can fulfill your potential and live life as the masterpiece God created you to be. There is a great illustration in the Old Testament to help us in this area of developing your character and releasing your potential: “The LORD gave another message to […]