Daily Reading: Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual¬†Gifts I will discover and use my spiritual gifts. As a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit has gifted me for His divine purposes to build up and encourage the Body of Christ. I did not choose my spiritual gifts, they are not something I earned, consequently I cannot take credit in any way for […]

Jesus, The Shepherd, Guides Me

While there are many different kind of sheep, my preference for paintings are the black-face and Suffolk mostly because that is what my Grandfather raised on the farm. I always loved seeing the white wool with the black-face and black legs against the green in the summer pastures. God Guides Me Sheep have very poor […]

Daily Reading – Children

Children I will live with a childlike faith. God calls me His child and I call Him Father. Jesus said I am to receive Him and His kingdom as a child. I will look to the faith of children as an example for my own faith. Jesus used the innocence and openness of children to […]