Embrace the Truth, Embrace Hope

The Case For Christ - Part 3

In the Case for Christ series at Alive Church, we’ve been focusing on discovering the truth about Jesus. We’ve talked about the historical evidence of His life, death and resurrection, all leading to His undeniable love for us. Now that we’ve gathered the facts, it’s time to embrace the truth. This past weekend, Chris Spradlin, owner […]

Believe + Receive = Become

The Case For Christ - Part 2

In the film The Case for Christ, journalist Lee Strobel conducts a full investigation of God. Based on a true story, Strobel was also an atheist at the time of his investigation, so he went into his research fully expecting, and determined, to show the world that God doesn’t exist. Like any good reporter, he […]

Choose His Promise Over Doubt

The Case For Christ - Part 2

As I spoke about in my last talk, Investigating the Case for Christ, we all have an area in our lives where we can identify with doubt. Like “Doubting Thomas” in John 20:25b, we won’t surrender our doubts “unless” we are satisfied with God’s answer to our question or prayers. But when we hold on […]