Dominick Cruz: The Three Building Blocks

 Dominick Cruz: The Three Building Blocks This is a great clip because Dominick shares three building blocks for the blueprint of success, in all of life. Share This Post: Take a moment and share this post with someone you know who needs to know today that they have potential and how to live in […]

Daily Reading: Relationships

Relationships A true friend always speaks the truth in love. Friends have such an amazing impact on me because of my natural desire to be accepted. Everyone wants to fit in somewhere. The kind of home life a person grew up in determines the intensity of their need to fit in with others. If our […]

Daily Reading – Children

Children I will live with a childlike faith. God calls me His child and I call Him Father. Jesus said I am to receive Him and His kingdom as a child. I will look to the faith of children as an example for my own faith. Jesus used the innocence and openness of children to […]