Two are United into One (Not Three, Four, Five…)

Life Hacks - Part 3

As a pastor who has worked with many couples and as a married man, I can say that the first years of marriage are hard. It’s a huge life adjustment, and many struggle to successfully adapt to married life. But did you know that the divorce rate among those who have been married for 20 […]

A Place of Encouragement, Not Discouragement

Life Hacks - Part 4

When you become a parent, it’s no secret that your life completely changes. Your responsibilities increase, your interests shift and over time your home becomes a place that is more important than you may have imagined. Home is where your child will go for love, help, rest or anything they need. Home is where they […]

Your Actions Take Precedence Over Your Words

Life Hacks - Part 3

Have you ever heard the phrase “do as I say, not as I do”? It’s easy to think of this as a humorous take on parenting. Maybe we tell our kids to “limit the screen time” while we stay glued to our phones watching the latest viral video. Or perhaps we tell them “no dessert” […]