Following Jesus Means Serving Others

The Sound of Grace - Part 3

This weekend at Alive Church, I continued in our weekend talk series The Sound of Grace where we’ve described three sounds of grace: dropping a stone, having a party and wringing out a towel. Maybe grace isn’t the first thing you think of when you hear or see a towel being wrung out, but for Jesus […]

Release, Return, Repent, Receive… Celebrate!

The Sound Of Grace - Part Two

Happy Friday! I hope this week has brought you many reasons to celebrate God’s grace. We all have felt like the prodigal son or his brother from Luke 15:11-29 at different points in our lives. Whether we have pursued our own will over God’s or have worked to please God only to expect more from […]

Grace Would Rather Party Than Punish

The Sound Of Grace - Part 2

In our culture, we’re often led to believe that if we try hard enough, we can achieve anything. We think we can earn our way to prestige, success or recognition. It’s true, many times our efforts do lead to job promotions, awards, educational degrees or even just a pat on the back. But should we […]